Dals & Pulses

Dals & Pulses

Jeyachandran Black Chana / கருப்பு கொண்டை கடலை, 500g

BenefitsProtein, fiber, carbohydrate, calcium, iron, mineral and vitamins are abundant in sprouted g..

Rs. 37.00

Jeyachandran Black Sesame / கருப்பு எள் 100g

AboutBlack sesame seeds are not hulled, brown (golden) sesame seeds maintain their hulls too, and th..

Rs. 20.00

Jeyachandran Cardamom / ஏலக்காய், 50g

BenefitsCardamom or elaichi as it is popularly known as, also has medicinal properties and has been ..

Rs. 280.00

Jeyachandran Chana 1st Grade / வெள்ளை கொண்டைக்கடலை, 500g

AboutKabuli chana is believed to be one of the earliest cultivated legumes. It looks kind of like a ..

Rs. 45.00

Jeyachandran Chilli Red Long / மிளகாய் வத்தல்

AboutRed Chilli Has Antioxidants, Containing Vitamin C And Carotenoids, Which Could Aid Improving In..

Starting From Rs. 42.00

Jeyachandran Chilli Red Round / குண்டு வத்தல்

It is Round type dried red chilli.It is classified into two quality based on colour. And it is a II ..

Starting From Rs. 39.00

Jeyachandran Cloves / கிராம்பு, 50g

AboutCloves are the aromatic flower buds of a tree in the family Myrtaceae, Syzygium aromaticum. The..

Rs. 40.00

Jeyachandran Coriander / தனியா, 1kg

BenefitsThe health benefits of coriander are very well known. The bright green h..

Rs. 92.00

Jeyachandran Cumin / சீரகம், 250g

Aboutசீரகம் is an ordinary ingredient which gives flavor to various cuisines. Apart from adding..

Rs. 52.00

Jeyachandran Double beans / இரட்டை பீன்ஸ், 500g

BenefitsNutrient dense food. Beans contain several vitalnutrients, including folate. Folat..

Rs. 57.00

Jeyachandran Dry Ginger / உலர்ந்த இஞ்சி 100g

BenefitsDry ginger facilitates weight loss by improving digestion, which helps in burning store..

Rs. 51.00

Jeyachandran F Gram / உடைத்த கடலை, 500g

BenefitsGram has lots of dietary fiber and this helps prevent constipation as it promotes easy bowel..

Rs. 44.00

Jeyachandran Green Moong Dal / பச்சை பாசிப் பயிறு,500g

AboutGreen Moong whole is also known as green bean they are small cylindrical beans with bright gree..

Rs. 58.00

Jeyachandran Green Peas / பச்சை பட்டாணி, 500g

BenefitsDried peas benefits include the lowering risk of heart disease. The former helps to improve ..

Rs. 74.00

Jeyachandran Menthi / வெந்தயம், 100g

AboutMethi or வெந்தயம் seeds are small, solid, cuboid-shaped, dirty yellow colored, fragrant, s..

Rs. 8.00

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