Masala & Spices

Masala & Spices

Aachi Chilli Powder, 100g

AboutAachi Chilli Powder is selected from the field, cleaned, powdered and packed hygienically with ..

Rs. 30.00 Rs. 43.00

Aachi Sambar Powder, 200g

AboutSambar Powder is a necessary ingredient to make Sambar, well-liked south Indian gravy. Sambar i..

Rs. 66.00 Rs. 92.00

Aachi Turmeric Powder, 50g

AboutAachi Turmeric powder has a spicy flavor and aroma with a hint of wood, ginger and orange.Ingre..

Rs. 8.00 Rs. 13.00

Bindu appalam - Mini


Rs. 34.00 Rs. 40.00

Jeyachandran Mustard / கடுகு 100g

AboutMustard seeds are a very famous ingredient in several regional cuisines. It also relishes the s..

Rs. 7.00

Jeyachandran Pepper / மிளகு, 200g

AboutPepper Black is one of the fresh and quality products that guarantee its edibility to use. It i..

Rs. 90.00

Jeyachandran Red aval/ சிவப்பு அவல், 500g

Aboutred rice flakes is nothing but flattened rice made from red rice. Rice flakes al..

Starting From Rs. 11.00

Jeyachandran Wheat / கோதுமை 1kg

Aboutwhole wheat flour is mainly used for making chapatti, roti and paratha  flour chapatti app..

Rs. 40.00

Jeyachandran White Aval/அவல், 500g

AboutWhite Aval is prepared from rice flakes, is an easy to prepare, light and nutritious snack that..

Rs. 22.00

Jeyachandran White sesame / வெள்ளை எள்ளு 100g

AboutWhite sesame/ வெள்ளை எள்ளு is an important ingredient in South Asian cooking. With jeyacha..

Rs. 23.00

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